Monday, October 3, 2011

A Crappy Tale

I don't mean for so many of my posts to come back to bodily functions, but when you're a toddler it's just inevitable. One of the things I most look forward to in my day is my evening naked time. Now, I know everyone loves naked time--most people just don't admit it. I'm lucky that at my age it's still socially acceptable to be naked whenever I want. So, I get to roam free. I think my parents think it will help me start using the potty more (that's what happened with Gillian, but Gillian was also a freak of nature who hit all her milestones super early). I just think it feels awesome.

Anyway, tonight I was sitting in my booster chair at the table, and when my Mom picked me up, what did she feel sticking out of my cute little cheeks? A penny. Now maybe the penny was there on my chair to begin with, but I don't know. Maybe I also have a magic butt. And with practice, who knows what might be able to come out of there?

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