Monday, November 7, 2011

Rules for Parenting

Now, my mom had three kids, so she should know some things about parenting. Number one on that list should be "If your child has been taking laxatives once or twice a day for the last week and just started pooping again yesterday, don't let him run around the house without a diaper no matter how bad the diaper rash is." If you choose not to follow rule number one, rule number two on the list should be "If you are in a different room from the diaperless child and he starts yelling, 'poop!' go to him right away." My mom did not follow either of these rules today, and let's just say there was an incident in the playroom. One of Daddy's Rubik's Cubes ended up in the trash and Sweetie Belle ended up where no My Little Pony should ever dare to go. Hopefully Mom has learned her lesson.


  1. We had some books that met an unfortunate poop-covered (sorry, pun) end. Can I just ask what's with the nurses/parents suggesting we air out diaper rash? Or my other friend who just lets her kid run diaperless? We have a great diaper balm...I learned my lesson when Cole peed on the floor. I have to say you had it comin'. lol

  2. I know I had it coming! I figure it's more comfortable than being in a diaper all day. Also, we did this with Gillian when she was 20 months and had a horrible rash. She ended up potty training herself within a couple weeks. I'm kind of hoping that's going to happen with Asher too. We'll see what he has to say about that. What diaper balm do you use, by the way?