Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Long Hiatus (aka Vomit-palooza)

I've decided it's time to come out of my Internet silence. It came to my attention that my great-grandma was worried about me since I mentioned Vomit-palooza and then disappeared for several weeks. Don't worry, everyone, we're all okay! It's just hard to get much computer time when everyone is throwing up everywhere and coughing and just being sick in general. Then when everyone finally did get better, Mom and Dad were too busy catching up on all their work that piled up in the meantime.

So, to catch you all up, our sick house started the last week of September (two days before Rosh Hashanah) when Liana started running a fever. We knew she was really sick when she fell asleep on the couch in the middle of the afternoon (this is the girl who takes at least an hour in bed to fall asleep every night). Her fever went off and on for several days and we eventually called in Dr. Aunt Rin who thought she had pneumonia. Our official doctor confirmed that, and I got to spend a fun day with Liana in the doctor's office and at the hospital.

Now, I'm just a toddler, and I like to put things in my mouth. I also like to lick things. And bite things. Mom is usually pretty good about keeping things out of my mouth, but dealing with a pitiful Liana at the hospital made her a little distracted, and I found some nice things to chew in the hospital waiting room. Which is what most likely brought us...


It started the Saturday night after Yom Kippur. Liana was still miserable from the pneumonia and even more miserable about having to take medicine, but we all decided to have a break the fast party and sleepover at Nana and Gaga's house with Aunt Rin, Aunt Louie and Uncle Sock. We didn't go to services in the evening, but were in charge of getting the food ready for everyone who was at services. Mom made four pizzas, plus salad and garlic bread. It was all consumed within about 15 minutes of everyone getting home. Later we were all enjoying bubble tea and relaxing. The grown-ups were settling in to watch Saturday Night Live while the girls were doing art projects and I was snuggling on the couch with Nana. Out of nowhere, I burped and then...a ridiculous amount of projectile vomit flew out of my mouth and covered Nana and Uncle Sock, as well as the leather couch we were sitting on. Nana started screaming. I started screaming. Then pretty much everyone started screaming.  Then the laughter began.

I hadn't been acting sick, so no one was quite sure what to make of the vomit. We got cleaned up, Uncle Sock changed into some of Aunt Rin's pajamas, and then we got back to Saturday Night Live. I was sitting on Mom's lap because no one else wanted me now. And for good reason. Just as everything was calming down...vomit all over Mom and Dad. Not so much screaming this time. Mom got changed into some of Aunt Rin's pajamas and then everyone got smart and gave me a barf bucket. I threw up about 6 more times that evening.

The next day was my sweet revenge. I did fine for most of the day. Then in the afternoon Dad was holding me and Gillian was standing next to him...and I threw up all over Gillian. It was awesome.

Over the next week the vomiting went through most of the family. Mom and Uncle Sock got it first, then Liana and Gillian, then Aunt Louie. Nana and Aunt Rin got a milder, non-throwing-up version, and Dad and Gaga were spared. Dad ended up with bronchitis instead. Also, during the week of vomit, Liana developed an allergy to her antibiotic and got hives all over herself. Which meant new antibiotics and new allergy meds--and therefore more drama and fighting about taking it.

So last week was the first time everyone was finally started to feel better. Everyone is still coughing quite a bit, but we're generally on the mend. Stay tuned for my Halloween adventures.

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  1. Asher,

    Your vomit story almost made me pee my pants. (Ask Mom and Dad about how much vomit makes me laugh.)