Wednesday, October 14, 2015

An Amira a Day

My parents were getting nostalgic Monday night as they celebrated Walt Whitman Day (a random holiday made up by Dad and his college friends). As they were looking back through old Facebook posts about the holiday, they came upon Gah-koe's (Gah-koe is Asher for those of you unlearned in Amira-ese) defunct blog. They had so much fun reliving old memories, and since Gah-koe is so busy nowadays with half day kindergarten they decided I needed to continue the tradition so they would have more memories to relive in the future.

Really? I'm the baby of 4. You can't just give me a job. My only job is to be cute enough to be able to get away with not doing anything they want me to do and doing whatever I want instead.  It has been working out pretty awesomely so far. I've eaten GoGurt for two out of the three meals several days in a row. I call everyone by their name followed by "poopy." Mommy-poopy, Daddy-poopy, Gigi-poopy, etc. I watch as much Peppa Pig as I want.

I guess it might be worth a shot to try out this blogging thing though. These days, with all the siblings at school, I have plenty of time to contemplate--in between playing with trains (they are my babies), singing "Let It Go" (from the movie Let It Go, which is mistakenly called Frozen by everyone else), running around in circles with no pants on, etc.  I am like Pinocchio. No, I am not made of wood. Yes, I have no strings to hold me down.  

Gah-koe did a really great job with his blog until he cut his hair.  After that, the blog went downhill. I do not take any ownership of the sudden blog decay by being born. I see no correlation. Adding me to the picture must have given my parents significant extra time to proofread Gah-Koe's writing and do other things. I am excited that I can continue what my brother dropped the ball on. It is like when he drops some food on the floor and I go over and eat it. It makes me think I am a puppy. I think it would be fun to be a puppy. Puppies get to play and eat and sleep and do fun things all day. What if I was half baby/half puppy? Then I would be a buppy, the cutest thing in the WORLD! Wait. Sorry. I went off on a tangent. That seems to be an easy thing to do on this bloggy thing. That reminds me of the time that I started crying and screaming because... You know, I often scream and cry for no reason. It is just a fun game I like to play. I will pick some random task and just scream and cry until my parents guess what it is. I think it is a really fun game. Just last night I was playing this game at bed time wanting my dad, Abba Scott as I like to call him, to do a Gilbert Godfried impression while reading "Good Night Moon." For some reason, he did not interpret my screaming, yelling, and crying correctly and I just fell asleep waiting for him to guess correctly. I guess he won this round.  

Sorry, another tangent. I think I am going to enjoy this blog thing. For new people here, there are a lot of great posts from the past by Gah-Koe, Mommy-poopy, Abba Scott, Gigi, and the other one. Read some of them, they are good and fun.  


  1. Amira, if you like GoGurt, you'll LOVE GoMole.

  2. Daddy likes to tell the GoMole story pretty much every time we eat GoGurt.

  3. Rightfully so. That was epic.