Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free Candy? Count Me In!

Why did no one tell me about Halloween sooner? It has to be the best invention ever.

No one told me what was going on at first, so as you can imagine, I was a little confused. In the week before Halloween there were peacock feathers and shiny pink and green tulle all over the house. It was like I was living in Liberace's closet.  What am I supposed to make of that? While we had babysat Aunt Louie's dog Casey the weekend before, I didn't see any other pets that might be shedding feathers. And what is up with tulle anyway?  My dad refers to people as tulles, but I don't get it?

Then on Monday afternoon we went to Liana's school and there weren't any kids there. Just superheroes, cowboys, fairies. They got all hopped up on nut-free, egg-free cookies and then started dancing all over the place. I like dancing, so I joined them, and I'm not going to turn down cookies, even if they are "allergy aware." I just didn't know what was going on.

Then we got home and Mom went crazy with the tulle. Liana and Gillian had many demands about their wardrobe and Mom tried to meet them all as the sun started to set without inducing a wardrobe malfunction. So, my sisters turned into big balls of shiny stuff and tulle. Then my aunts and uncle and Nana and Gaga and Casey came to our house. Casey had somehow turned into a ladybug, Aunt Rin was covered head to toe in silver, and Aunt Louie looked like a farmer that got attacked by corn stalks. I didn't know what crazy juice they were on, but I had my cars and I was happy. And that's when it happened.

I looked up and saw Mom coming toward me. She was holding what looked like the carcass of an overgrown, furry bumblebee. And then she tried to smother me with it. I screamed. Surely one of the many grownups around could help me. But they all tried to get the thing on me too. It was terrifying.

There was lots of pleading with me, but I just continued screaming, so they put a jacket on me and put me in the stroller. Why were we going for a walk at night? It didn't make any sense. We started walking around the neighborhood and there were packs of pirates and princesses and monsters all around. It was chilly, but neighbors were hanging out on their driveways with campfires. Then I noticed something. My sisters would walk up to people, hold out their bags, and the people would give them candy! A couple people saw me in the stroller and came up and gave me candy too. Just for sitting there. So, I realized something. Wearing weird garments=candy. I decided to let my Mom put the bee suit on me and then I was done with the stroller. All I had to do was wander up to a door and the person at the house would shove a huge bowl of candy at me! Best night ever.

It took me a while to come around, but when candy is involved, I am there. Liana, on the other hand, apparently can have enough candy. About halfway through our journey, she decided she had enough candy. She went up to the door with us, told her joke, and then politely said, "No, thank you" as people offered her candy. What is wrong with her? At least take it and give it to me!
At The Magic House Halloween Party

Gillian is a peacock. She had more feathers, but gave up on them.

Liana is a rose (she helped create the costume).

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