Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Update!

I heard about this guy named Peter who was bit by a spider on his hand and then he got special powers.  They started calling him Spiderman.  My question for my loyal fans?  What if the spider had been a Tick and instead of biting his hand, it bit something that rhymes with tick?  You could call that man...     ASHER!

As of right now, no special powers, but I am waiting.  Maybe my sucky attitude of late as been due to that little ______   ______?  This has been a low point of my summer, but it has really been good other than that.  I love my baby sitter named Yana.  She is teaching me Russian and I am teaching her to sound like a train. 

BTW, I LOVE TRAINS!  I keep falling in love with specific trains and then leaving them in places and crying about them and making my parents make "LOST" signs and then waiting for them to turn them in so I can get it back and be happy and then do it all over again. 

And another thing, Mom is getting a big belly.  I have been noticing it for the past three months.  She was really moody for a while, but she seems to be feeling better now.  I do not know what it is but it is scaring me.  The girls keep kissing her belly but it frightens me a little because it is just getting big.  Once I know more I will let you know.

Last thing, what does it mean when my Mom says that I am not going to the baby of the family anymore?  Somebody help me with this.  I have less than six months to figure it out.

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