Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I made a new friend!

Before I tell you all about my new friend, I must make a declaration.  I WILL post more this month.  I will shower you all with Asher a Day posts this April.  I will do what I can to blog for you to fulfill my goal of entertaining you, educating you, and edutaining you.  This I solemnly swear to you, my loyal readers.

Now to my new friend.  I guess I should say friends because they are everywhere.  They are in my house, at the mall, I guess everywhere indoors.  I love my new friends.   I like looking at them, touching them, calling them "up," having one-sided yelling conversations with them, and being lulled to sleep by their blinking green eye.  Have I confused you?  Sorry.

My new friends are smoke detectors.  How did I not notice them in all their majesty before?  You want to see me happy? Hold me up so that I can caress my new friend.  It brings me such joy!  Why must they be soooooooooooo far away?  What, you think I am joking?  I am not.  I really like smoke detectors. 

Smokey, my BFF!

One day I was sitting in peace away from Gillian when I decided to throw myself backwards. I like doing this--it is fun.  I happened to end up on my back and I saw a friend just hanging around on the ceiling, winking at me.  What can I say, we have so much in common.  We both like soup, we both can scream, best friends.  That is us.  Me and Smokey,  BFFs!

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