Thursday, March 31, 2011

In like a Gillian, out like an Asher...

Goodbye lousy Smarch weather. Here's to April showers, May flowers, and then my dear and faithful readers...  CAMP!   Now I was just a really cute sack of potatoes last time I was there, but I know that it was special.  I had been doted on before camp, but I had herds of ladies ready to be lost in my eyes.  It was legend, wait for it.... still waiting?  No, I am not talking about the movie where Tim Curry plays that weird devil guy,   the final word is dairy!  Legandary.  That is what my last summer was at camp.  The big problem was that I was a really cute paper weight.  You put me down somewhere and there I stayed until someone came and picked me up.  This summer, I am mobile.  I am going to own camp.  I cannot wait.  It is going to be epic.

Think of me playing GaGa.  Running around Family Land.  Charging in line for snack.  Splashing in the shallows of the lake.  Mobile Me (not the Apple program, but me mobile)  is going to be a handful.  But I am really cute so that will make it easier for whomever gets the pleasure of maintaining me this summer.  I hear the job is in more demand than Charlie Sheen's Intern.  He might be full of tiger blood, but I am full of AWESOME BLOOD.  If you spend a day in my skin, you would melt due to my radioactive levels of cuteness.  I am just vamping. 

Tomorrow is a big day.  Make sure to read my post.  It will be one that rivals the works of Mark Twain and quite possibly Samuel Clemens.  See you in April faithful readers.

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