Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Power of Advertising

It's amazing to me how easily by sisters can be swayed by what they see on TV. There's a new version of My Little Pony that airs on the Hub network, which my sisters watch when they go to Nana and Gaga's house. They always have about 10 episodes on the DVR, and it's always the first choice whenever we watch anything over there. During every episode, there is a commercial for the Total Pillow. This is what Gillian wants more than anything. If someone is fast-forwarding through the commercials, she makes them stop when it gets to the Total Pillow. "It can bend in any direction!" "I can use it in the car when we go to Chicago and when I'm playing on the computer!" "It comes with a hot and cold compress pack!" "Wait, there's more! You get two!" "There's a Total Pillow website!" These are things you can hear Gillian say when the commercial is on. She loves this pillow.

Today became the second best day of Gillian's life. We were in Best Buy--I'm hanging out in the carrier on Dad and next thing we know, there is a Total Pillow in the basket and Gillian is so excited she is speechless. It takes a lot to make Gillian silent. This was the first time she had seen the pillow in real life and she just couldn't believe it. Of course, Dad did not let her buy it today (they're saving it for her birthday, but don't tell her that), and she took it rather well considering how much she wants it. The best day of her life will be July 15 when she actually gets that pillow--can't wait.

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