Monday, March 28, 2011

No Longer a Baby...

As my biggest fan Lee pointed out on my Mom's Facebook page, I am a toddler now, not a baby. And, boy, do I toddle. You can check it out here. There are so many more things that I can do now that I can walk. Sure, I could crawl before, but it's so much more liberating to be able to walk. It used to be that whenever we were downstairs, I would go straight for the stairs because I liked to crawl up them. Now I go to the bathroom where I can stand on the step stool and steal everything off the sink. I'm getting so good at walking, people might start calling me Dasher.

I'm starting to do other toddler-ish things too. Like using a spoon. I use it for things like smearing yogurt all over my body, throwing food at other people, making noise. There is very little eating that goes on when I get a spoon, but it is very entertaining. I have found it very useful for fending off Gillian.

I also enjoy dancing. Whenever my parents catch me doing something they don't want me to do, I just give them the look and start dancing. Then they can't be mad at me. I dance when I throw food all over the place. I dance when I dump boxes of toys. I dance when I draw all over the floor. I dance when I bite people. They may start to get angry, but as soon as I start shaking my groove thing, everyone starts smiling. I suggest you try it next time you're about to get in trouble. It's useful and fun!

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