Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Long Hiatus

Has it really been two weeks since I posted? The time sure has gotten away from me. I'm not living up to the title of my blog. Maybe it's time we changed the title. Here are some thoughts:

An Asher Every Other Day
An Asher Every Once in a While
An Asher Whenever I Feel Like It
An Asher When My Parents Aren't Too Tired to Type Up My Posts
Occasionally Asher
Asher Today, None Tomorrow
An Asher a Fortnight
Asher's Sesquicentennial Shenanigans
Asher in a Blue Moon

All joking aside, I will work harder on bringing you my posts more often. It's hard being a baby, and sometimes some things have to suffer. I've been busy perfecting my walking the last two weeks, so I'll post a video of that for you this week so you can see I haven't just been wasting my time away. Thanks for your continued loyalty.

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