Sunday, March 13, 2011

Binky Theory

Pacifier, paci, nuk, the plug--call it what you want, but I call it my binky. And I love my binky. It might not always be in my mouth--because, let's face it, there are a lot of other cool things I can try to put in my mouth--but it is always nearby.  Now most babies are content with just sucking on their binkies, but I love mine even more than that. When I sleep, I need the binky trifecta--one in the mouth and one in each hand. Just try to get me to go to sleep with an empty hand. It's not pretty.

We have a theory about the binkies in our house. At any given time, I own about eight binkies. Sometimes they are all accounted for. Sometimes all are lost but the few that are in my crib. There seems to be a cycle as to how many binkies are accessible. Say we start with all eight on Monday. As the week goes on, some will disappear--under the couch, under my crib, in the car, etc. Over the course of that week to 10 days, we will get down to just two or three. There have been times when we have gotten down to one binky, and those are very sad days. We will look all over for them, even in the most obvious places, but we won't find them. Then, when all hope is lost and Mom is about to go buy more, a binky will turn up in a completely ridiculous and random place--such as, under Liana's mattress, in a pocket in a coat that hasn't been used in a while, on the bima at synagogue, in the utensil drawer. And as soon as you find one in a random place, all the others turn up in their usual locations, and I have my whole collection again! Then the cycle repeats. Hopefully writing this out does not break the magic of the cycle. I would be very sad if my binkies did not return from their hiding places.

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