Monday, February 6, 2012

Two to you too!

IT finally happened.  Two years in the making.  I woke up this morning and felt different.  No longer was I a baby, I feel like I am now a man.  I am at the age of majority.  I can vote, buy cigs, gamble, hand out in a bar.  I am finally TWO!  Yes, I know that not been around, but I will be back tomorrow with my experiences the last couple of days with driving in a new section that I call Asher's Road Rules, or ARR!  Also, there are pictures from my brithday to post.  Finally, now that I am two, I will let you all know the crazy things that I do now that I am two.  So, after a long day of partying, I wanted to say, "Happy Birthday to me!"

This is a two year old Asher signing off.  I am sleepy.

In Russia, Candle covers you!

I do not need help Gillian.  Blow out your own #2 candle.

YAY! Mini Cupcakes for a BIG BOY!

P.S.  Now that I am not a baby, call me Ash.

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