Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I do not understand

  1. Why people wear pants?  I love walking around without pants.  I can pee or poop where ever it strikes my fancy.  I am like a majestic lion on the savannahs of Africa.  Yes, a lion.
  2. Why do my parents use plates?  They look like frisbees and throw like them.  I prefer to eat off of my placemat before I use the placemat as a hat.  Less cleaning, less throwing.
  3. Why my sisters don't play with trucks?  Wheels are so much more fun than pony legs.  
  4. Why my parents get mad when I pull things off of shelves?  I like things on the ground so I pull large amounts of things on the ground.  Books, toys, clothing etc.  I like nesting in them.
  5. Why can I not rock our tall chairs back and forth while standing on them?  I have not fallen yet so I clearly know what I am doing.
  6. Why I am not allowed to do Traditional Irish Dancing on our counter high table top?  I have feet of flames and I am the little lord of the dance.  I need to express myself at counter top height.  Let my muse free from your stifling embrace, parents!
  7. Why can I only use my toothbrush and not everyone else's in my family?  I have been told variety is the spice of life.  I want to live while brushing my teeth.
  8. Why do people get frustrated when I walk up to the TV and turn it off while people are watching shows intently?  Really, I am curious.  I am just trying to conserve energy.
  9. Why do people get upset when I hit them in the head or pull their hair?  Don't they want me to have fun?  I really do find this fun.
  10. Why am I so cute?  Look at my parents.  Nuff said.  

More to come later as I have a lot of questions since I am just a baby.  Less than two weeks until I am two.  I bet I do not get a party.

11. Why will I not get a birthday party?  Me and Ari could paint the town red between naps.

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