Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Near Death Experience

Most mornings I wake up around the time everyone else is waking up. Gillian only has one volume in the morning (loud) and she has taken it upon herself to be the family alarm clock. But, she doesn't have a snooze button and she sets herself earlier and earlier each day.

Today I was tired from staying up late to watch "Celebrity Wife Swap," so I slept through the alarm. When I woke up, I heard "Curious George" on the TV in Mom and Dad's room where Liana and Gillian were apparently getting dressed, and I heard the shower going and assumed Mom was in there.

My first mistake was making noise. I could have stayed quiet until after Mom got out of the shower and no one would have known I was awake sooner. But, I just had to make my early morning yelp. Gillian heard me right away and started yelling, "Asher's awake!" I then heard Mom yell from the shower, "Leave him alone! I'll get him in a minute!" Which, of course, made Gillian want to not leave me alone.

My bedroom door flew open and in came Gillian all dressed in her princess best. I thought I would be safe as long as I stayed in the far corner of the crib and threw binkies at her. She started throwing in extra blankets and stuffed animals, which was fine. Nothing that could hurt me. Then she found my box of dreidels and cars (I'm obsessed with dreidels and cars, in case you didn't know), but instead of throwing them at me, she just handed them to me. She handed me a couple books as well.

Then she moved the rocking chair closer to the crib and started to climb in. Now I was sure I was in trouble. What did she do? She snuggled up next to me, tucked the blankets in all around us, and started reading to me. She even pointed to all the pictures and explained everything. Then when she was done reading she gave me a kiss and tucked me in some more. After we were done reading, she used the books to make a platform and started spinning dreidels for me. It was an awesome time.

Then I saw Mom standing at the doorway. I pretended to ignore her because I was actually enjoying my quality time with the normal Gillian. Eventually Gillian noticed Mom though, and then turned crazy again. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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  1. I was actually just saying last night that I've stopped commenting when Cole dances because he stops. I think he gets embarrassed when I "catch" him being cute. So now I just observe. lol