Monday, January 23, 2012

Can You Tell Me if I'm Black or White?

The title of the post says it all. With Martin Luther King Day last week my sisters are learning all about race relations. Here are two stories for you.

#1. The girls asked Mom who Martin Luther King, Jr. was. Mom tried to explain things to them, about how people were treated badly based on the color of their skin and how MLK was trying to change things. The girls didn't seem to understand it--and I have to say I don't quite understand it either. People are people, right? Then Gillian said, "Well, there is one girl in the other Lizard class who has brown skin. But she's not just a person, she's my friend." She's actually her best friend (and partner in crime).

#2. The girls were supposed to be going to sleep and were avoiding it by asking questions. I know this because I was in my room pretending to be asleep. Liana said, "Mom, if I were alive in the time of Martin Luther King would I be black or white?"

Mom responded, "I think you would be just what you are now."

Liana said, "So, would I be black or white?"

Mom seemed confused and took a moment to respond. "You would be white."

Liana said, "No, I'm tan."

Mom then tried to explain that her tan skin is considered white.

Now I'm just a baby, but it seems like my sisters are on the right track.

I'm done.

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