Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Thoughts

A random post tonight because I'm hopped up on ice cream. Yes, that's all I ate for dinner. I threw my dinner on the floor and then I stole my sisters' ice cream. I am awesome.

#1. The New Chore Chart. My parents are fed up with my sisters for being whiny, mess-making monsters, so they have instituted a chore chart to whip them into shape. They each have five tasks to do each day now, with the goal of earning $1 each week. The idea is that this will make the girls more independent, keep the house cleaner, and give them a little spending money so they can stop pestering Mom and Dad to buy them everything. The girls also really love marking things on charts. The first day was a success.

#2. Mom's ICAN Meeting Today. A mom shared her story about having a VBA3C (that's birth shorthand for "vaginal birth after 3 cesareans"). After her second cesarean she was looking for a doctor that would let her try to have a VBAC. One of the doctors she interviewed said, "Sure, I'll let you have a trial of labor." Pause. "How much life insurance do you have?" The mom said she didn't understand what that had to do with it. Doctor replied, "Because you're going to need it when you leave your other two kids behind." All I have to say is, really?

#3. My New Diapers. "Ah-per" as I call them. I normally use prefolds with Econobum covers and a fleece lining, but I was having rash troubles from my overnight diapers. Apparently I have super strong pee. So, Mom got me some new bumGenius 4.0s because they're buy 2, get 1 free at Cottonbabies. They are pretty awesome. I like showing off my new cutie booty. Too bad I only get to wear them at night, but Mom doesn't want to spend a fortune on a new diaper stash, even though it's tempting.

#4. Daddy's Home! He brought me a plane because he went on a plane. It has wheels, though, so it's actually a car.

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