Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Confession...

I have to admit...I'm kind of in love with Celebrity Wife Swap. Yes, it's on a little past my bedtime, but some things are worth losing sleep over. I mean, Dee Snider and Flava Fav switching wives? It doesn't get much better than that. You have to admit Dee Snider is pretty awesome.

I have also decided that since I'm going to be two in less than a month, I might as well get going on the "Terrible Twos" early. My parents thought they had it bad with Gillian (though her Terrible Twos started when she was born and they're still waiting for her to grow out of it) and thought I would be easy. True, I am a laid back dude. But if people are expecting me to turn into a monster when I'm two, then I'm not going to miss that opportunity. For now I've decided to become Mr. Surly. My normally smiling face has been replaced with a scowl. I've gotten quite good at sticking out my bottom lip. My eyebrows are also quite expressive. You thought I could melt people with my sweetness? Well, my surliness is even more powerful. In addition to the scowl I've discovered that lying down on the floor when I'm supposed to be walking somewhere is a great way to frustrate people. Sprawl out on the floor and add the scowl? I'm the master, obey my commands.

I also like climbing up on to the table and dancing. We have a counter-height table. And chewing coins, of which there are many hanging around our house because my sisters are not careful with their money. Nothing gets Mom's attention like strutting up to her with my wicked smile and noisily chewing on a dime.

And this is just the beginning, folks. We've got a whole year of experimenting to do.

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