Wednesday, January 4, 2012

While Daddy's Away...

Dad's away on a business trip this week--he's off gallivanting on the beach and climbing mountains in California while the rest of us are here in the cold. Who does he think he is, leaving us for four whole days? I should be going to Disneyland, not hanging out with Mom and my crazy sisters.

It actually hasn't been that bad. The girls came to baby school with me yesterday and they went back to their own schools today. Also, Dad being away has somehow turned Mom into a crazy cooking machine. We've made snickerdoodles, lentil soup, beer bread, teriyaki tofu wraps, plus the usual mac and cheese and grilled cheese (my sisters are so unoriginal). Mom also experimented with starting a sourdough starter, which made Gillian cry because she thought she was getting fresh bread that evening. We'll let you know how that one turns out in a few days. Snickerdoodles didn't turn out as good as they sound--they taste awesome while you're chewing them but then they have a weird aftertaste. I liked chewing the teriyaki tofu, but not swallowing it. Beer bread is awesome. I didn't actually try the lentil soup. I was going to, but then got too busy yelling, "Hot! Soup!" and distracted myself. Also, Casey (Aunt Louie's dog) was visiting and I don't eat when Casey visits--I feed her.

We might not be soaking up the California sun, but we're having our own kind of fun. Not fun that we'd like to be repeating anytime soon though. We miss you Daddy!

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