Monday, January 16, 2012

One Sticky Situation

I am not sure if I have had this discussion here, but we were noticing a lot of spiders that could have been brown recluse spiders around our house.  Apparently they are everywhere, but often stick to themselves.  We were finding them in our bathroom and the bedrooms.  Since they are all in the basement, we felt we needed to do something about it.  The internet said glue traps are the best.  We got them, placed them around, and caught a few spiders.

Spiders is what we were targeting for, but it was something bigger that caught our attention.  We have always had mice around our house.  It is old and with the construction, we aquired some friends.  I was not alive yet for many of these early mice tales, but I have heard the stories from my parents and sisters.  We named them names like Buttons, Speedy, Baby Chubs, and Richard.  We poisoned them mostly.  One was found in Pinky Pie's house, sleeping (dead).  Another was found sluggishy crawling on the living room floor.  Mom trapped that one in a tupperware and threw it outside.  Yay Mommy! 

Well back to the glue traps.  We caught two mice in the laundry room, not on the same trap.  We had never seen mice in the basement before so this was a shock.  Daddy had to dispose of these.  Then last night we heard some high pitched wimpering in the corner.  The long forgotten trap under mom's dresser had caught a one.  The girls were super interested in the mouse and wanted to let it free.  They started naming it and talking to it.  I could see in my parents' eyes that disapointment was about to be released from their mouths.  Apparently glue traps are meant to be permanent and this little mouse's fate was locked. 

So that brings us to tonight.  Dad saw a mouse.  He had an idea.  Place a glue trap by where he saw it go.  Less than five minutes later...  Mickey was stuck to his new club house.  The glue traps make me sad, but mice eating my snacks makes me sadder.

An oldie, but cutie

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