Thursday, January 12, 2012

Put that back in my mouth, I want to suck it!

I know that my mom and dad think that I am almost an adult, but I know that I am still a really cute big baby.  Babies get to suck on things:  toys, teats, thumbs, tasties, and last but certainly not least, binkies. (I could have changed the alliteration to B, but I decided not to.) Mom made me give up the teats and now she has taken away my binkies. Last night I was too tired to notice, this afternoon for my nap I was too tired to notice, tonight, I NOTICED.  Who does she think I am?  I really suck!  I suck all the time!  My editor is informing me that that might not be the best choice of words, but I am sticking with it.  I really liked by binkies.  They were soothing, they pacified me, they were my nook of happiness.  With out warning, mom pulled my plug and the power went out on my relax-full sucking.  Now, I might be just a baby, but even I know that if someone is screaming, shove something in their mouth and you shut them up.  I had to cry and cry and cry and cry tonight and they still did not give me my binky back.  I pretended to go to sleep so they would not disturb me while I typed this.

What reason might they have for doing this to me?  Binkies made me happy.  Mom is making me mad.  I am definitely wearing my pouty face tomorrow, throwing myself on the ground, and being surly.  All playing and no binky makes Asher a grumpy boy.

Here are a couple of pictures my dad took when he was having fun in California without us.  Another thing I am grumpy about.  He could have fit me in his carry on.  I could have pretended to be a puppy.  Cali neeeeeds me.  I am the son.  I end with that awesome and painful pun.

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