Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Think I Can

Stay awake all night, that is! It's currently 9:30 pm on Sunday night and normally I am asleep by about 7:15 pm. You would think I would be super tired this weekend. We were out until 10 pm on Friday night for the first seder, so I wasn't asleep until close to 11. I did get my normal nap on Saturday, but then we were at Nana and Gaga's house until about 9:30 that night for the second seder, so I wasn't in bed until about 10. Then we spent today at the Botanical Gardens and I missed my nap, so I should have been asking for bed at the normal 6:30-7ish. Well, my parents made a mistake. They let us start watching a movie before bed and then did not let us finish it. Normally I don't really care about TV--even Thomas the Train doesn't keep my attention very long. But, this week we had the best movie ever from the library--The Little Engine That Could. It's awesome! It stars the likes of Jamie Lee Curtis, Whoopi Goldberg, and Patrick Warburton, and it has lots of talking trains. And a ballerina named Jillian (so our Gillian was excited about that, and Liana was excited that it was spelled with a J instead of a G). So, even though I have seen this movie three or four times this week, I was upset about not finishing it tonight. The girls fell asleep as soon as they got in their beds...before 7 pm. But, I spent the next two hours screaming "woo woo" in my crib, so Mom and Dad finally gave in and are now letting me watch the rest of the movie. I may only be 2, but I know how to get what I want. Especially when Mom and Dad are as tired as the rest of us from the busy weekend and don't feel like fighting the angry, screaming Asher. I rule! So does this movie. Go watch it now! Scream at someone until you can see it.

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