Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break Part 2

Sorry I left you all hanging there with our spring break adventures. I'm not sure exactly what happened--something about Mom and Dad having real work to do and not wanting to be bothered by helping me with my awesome blog.

Anyway, I updated Spring Break Part 1 with links for all the places we visited, in case you are interested. Now on to Part 2.

Thursday--Dad went to work at Best Buy, so we had a Mom only day. I think she was planning on it being a lazy day, but soon realized we couldn't have a whole day at home without the girls hurting each other. So, we went to the library (watch for more upcoming posts on my book recommendations--I have many) where I got to read more Carl and Thomas books, and play with the fish. The fish is my favorite part of the library. He's awesome. I also like running away when Mom is checking out books. 

After the library we went to the mall. Liana had been asking to get her ears pierced, so I guess Mom decided today was the day. Gillian then also decided she wanted her ears pierced.  I have to give Mom credit that she tried very hard to talk them both out of it. And I think she hoped that after Gillian saw Liana do it, Gillian wouldn't want to do it. But those girls were determined. So, we went to Sweet and Sassy, where all the other girls apparently go to get their ears pierced, and started looking at earrings. Now, if you know the girls, you know that Liana is obsessed with green and Gillian is obsessed with blue. We all thought they would choose earrings according to those colors because that's how they make every decision in their lives. But, they suddenly became obsessed with having their birthstone colors. So, Liana chose the yellow topaz and Gillian chose the red ruby. And they both went through with it. It was amazing. The piercers were actually very good--two of them worked together to do both ears at the same time, and they hid the guns behind their backs until the girls closed their eyes. They did it so fast Gillian didn't have a chance to be freaked out and change her mind. So, now the girls have pierced ears. They seem to regret it now because they don't like cleaning them every day--even though Mom did warn them repeatedly about it--but they're stuck with them (pun intended)!

Friday--We had another boring morning that included grocery shopping. Then in the afternoon Grandma Lynn came to visit! Liana had a previous engagement and went on a date with Aunt Louie to the Art Museum, where she brought a sketch book and spent the afternoon creating her own art based on the art she saw (I'm not sure she's really only 6 years old). The rest of us went to Kohls, where both Mom and Grandma Lynn have an unhealthy addiction, and then went to synagogue for a cappella Kabbalat Shabbat.

Saturday--Started with the usual children's services at synagogue. Then we went to Powder Valley Conservation Center where we played in the visitor center (huge fish tank!) and walked the trails. I most enjoyed seeing the huge turtles and playing with the owl puppets (owl is one of my new favorite words).

That's bear poop, in case you were wondering.

After that we had an early dinner and then went to Laumeier Sculpture Park, which is a huge park filled with lots of outdoor art.

Sunday--A final lazy day for the last day of break. We played at the park in our neighborhood and then Grandma Lynn had to go home. We played at Nana and Gaga's house in the afternoon and then headed home for an early night.

It was a whirlwind week, but it sure was fun! I could definitely handle more spring break.

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