Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Part 1

It's been a busy week! Even though our family attends three different schools (Daddy's high school, Liana's elementary school, and Gillian's preschool) in different districts, we managed to have everyone home on spring break at the same time. So, we took advantage of it. No, we didn't go on a trip--we became tourists in our own town. And it was awesome.  Here's what we did:

Last Sunday--World Bird Sanctuary. They were having their annual Eagle Day, so in addition to seeing all the birds that are usually there, we also got to tour their wildlife hospital, see a show with lots of eagles (one of which, as we learned, likes to eat barf), and do some other crafts and activities. Afterward, we went to the wildlife park next door and saw elk and bison, plus lots of huge turtles in a lake.

Monday--Mom and Dad made us stay home to do yard work. Boo. Liana did end up going to a friend's house in the afternoon, so Mom took me and Gillian for Slurpees to make us feel better.

Tuesday--Butterfly House. Before we even got into the butterfly area, we saw exhibits with lots of different bugs. I called them all snakes, because I like to say snake (pronounced nake-sssss). And then I called them "eww" because that's what my sisters were calling them. Inside the butterfly area was pretty cool. I liked seeing all the butterflies flying around, even though Mom was freaked out by them. After the butterflies we played on the playground and rode on the carousel, plus toured the historic village in the park.

Wednesday--Museum of Transportation. The best day ever, as I told you about in my post yesterday. In the afternoon the girls and Dad went to see The Lorax, while I slept and Mom worked.

I'll end there for now (you didn't think I was going to go through the whole week in one night, did you?). Stay tuned for more!

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