Monday, March 5, 2012

Like Dangling a Donut in Front of a Fat Man!

Saturday morning before the gog I had a great experience that became full of temptation and tribulations.  The Museum on Transportation has a room called the Creation Station.  Think giant transportation themed play room.  In this room were many toys I enjoyed playing with such as tons of Thomas trains and tracks, trucks, tables, cars, crayons, costumes, Pirate Ship, puppet show, and other lots of cool stuff.  We got an e-mail they they were moving to a new center.  Mommy took me to the new room and I loved it.

In this above mentioned e-mail, Mom saw that they were selling all of the old stuff in the old Creation Station.  We had to be there and we were.  There were about ten people in line in front of us.  Dad was to go straight to the train stuff.  As he walked in there was already a crowd of kids and parents picking through the buildings, tracks, and trains.  Dad could not get in.  He waited patiently until there was a crack.  He started grabbing trains, and tracks, and buildings while defending his pile.  I kept seeing things I wanted him to grab but he was in the moment and I still do not say full words.  While Dad was getting intimate with Thomas, Mom was watching Liana and Gillian pick things that made no sense for us to take home.  This included a Pirate ship that had two stories, a full kitchenette, a play table that was over a 10' square, and puppet theater.  Eventually, they agreed on a box of instruments and a few books.  I got 14 pieces of track, two buildings, and five officially licensed Thomas trains.  The whole haul was under forty dollars.  That part was awesome.

What was not awesome was that Mom chose to wear me during the whole thing in her baby backpack (home made by Mom and sold through her line of fine baby products called Picklemomous Creations). I could not play, pick, or plunder the toys.  I just had to yell out what I wanted and be ignored by everyone who was there to get me what I wanted.  SOOOOOO MAD!

And what was worse, I could see all of the giant trains but the park was closed except for the sale.  Again, I have been unable to see the trains.  Two times and two times shot down.  This is a lot of disappointment to swallow for someone with such a small torso.

Happy about the new stuff, angry about the trains and not being able to play.  I guess I will deal.  Have a great week everyone.  Here comes Purim!

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