Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Day in My Life, Part 1

I woke up to find Gillian staring at me.  It would be one thing if she snuck into my room and was looking at me through the lattice of my crib.  No, I found her three inches from my face in the the crib.  Like a giant spider in waiting, she is perched, waiting for me to twitch my eyes open so she can yell to Mom, "Asher is awake!"

This is how my days start.

I find Chuck the Truck, Zig the Big Rig, Pillow Pet Mater, and the rest of my wheelie friends where I left them.  I grab what my little T-Rex arms can hold and charge into Mom and Dad's room.  Gillian is back, turning on the lights and is picking out clothing for me.  I know it is not going to match, and probably won't fit either (it's time for Mom to clear out my drawers).  That is her thing.  I run into the room, throw the wheelies, and put my stinky diaper butt in Mom's face.

This is how Mom's day starts.

There are showers, and breakfast, dressing, and delivering girls to schools. Next is my favorite time of the day.  I love spending one on one time with Mom.  We do lots of fun things and there is no Gillian to steal mom from me.

More will come later.  I got Ken Burns's Civil War from the library and want to watch it all tonight.  Just because I am two does not mean that I do not apprecaite a fine documentary.  I wish Grandma and Grandpa did not give away "Cane Toads."  I really want to watch it next.  Sad.

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