Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Pat's 24hrs.

Now I am just a little boy, but even I know that some things can get taken out of hand.  This Saturday I was overwhelmed by people who must have been very excited for the release of The Muppets on DVD.  Everyone was wearing green.  It was crazy.  I was taken aback by everyone's devotion to Kermet.  Apparently, it is easy to be all in green.

This Saturday was a lot like other Saturdays.  Nothing special, nothing extraordinary.  Friday though began a whole family Spring Break, so that is very exciting.  We have been busy.  Friday we were a whole Shabbat Family at Gillian's school and then went and had FroYo.  Saturday was the Gog in the morning and normal stuff in the afternoon.  Today we have been really busy.  We went with Dad's friend John to the Wild Bird Sanctuary for Eagle Days and then went to Lone Elk Park to look at Bison and Elk (we saw a bunch of both) and had Subway for dinner.  Tomorrow (Monday) Dad works but I am sure that Mom has something big planned for me and my compatriots.  This is going to be an awesome week that will result in at least one visit to the Museum of Transportation.  It is like I am a visitor in my own town.  This is going to be great!

Stay tuned!

And now, a bunch of pictures to make up for this boring post and my lack of posting in general.
This is how I roll.


Why wasn't I involved in this? A. There wasn't room. B. Cotton candy is gross.

Could I please have some more?

I am the cutest bee you've ever seen.

Finally Gillian has found her pony.

Liana's llama. Say that ten times fast.

I want you, chicken.

What you can't see is Dad holding her up to the monkey bars.

How did Liana's legs get so long?

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