Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Friend Carl

Tonight I want to tell you about my friend Carl, or Good Dog Carl, as I call him. I first met Good Dog Carl several months ago at the children's library at my synagogue. I was being whiny, so someone handed me the first board book they could find. It had a dog on it, so they figured I would like it. I didn't just like it. I loved it. Or, as Liana says, I didn't just like it, I thought it was spectacular. (Yes, that's a new saying she came up with today.) Here is that book. In the story, the mom needs to go out, so she leaves Carl the dog as a babysitter. The baby climbs out of the crib and then rides around on Carl as they make messes and clean them up around the house. At one point, the baby is swimming in the fish tank. And then the baby goes down the laundry chute. Carl gets the baby back in bed and asleep before the mom comes home, at which point she tells him what a good dog he is. It's awesome.

Recently I have learned from my time at the library that there are many Good Dog Carl books. Carl goes to a mall, has a birthday party, plays at the park, and helps find a baby duck. Carl is one busy dog. And I love him. The only thing I love more than Carl is trains. My bedtime song that Mom made up and sings to me before bedtime and naptime is all about how much I love trains and Good Dog Carl. Good Dog Carl is awesome.

And that's all I have to say about that.

I'd rather be riding Good Dog Carl, but all I have is this sheep.

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