Monday, April 9, 2012

Trains, Trains, Trains

I'm in a train kind of mood these days. Ok, I'm always in a train kind of mood. Trains are awesome. They are the best things ever. I could "woo woo" around my train table and around my house all day. I have even tried to sleep with my trains before, but I was "woo woo"ing too much and wouldn't fall asleep, so they got taken away from me.

Anyway, since everyone seemed to enjoy my post about Good Dog Carl a few weeks ago, I decided I'm going to start doing book reviews (and possibly movie reviews, but I don't know if I'm ever going to watch anything but The Little Engine That Could ever again). I know I have a lot of toddler and baby fans out there, so I'm going to enlighten you on the best the library has to offer.

So, my introduction about trains wasn't completely out there, tonight's book is The Goodnight Train by June Sobel. This book takes the process of getting ready for bed and turns it into a train ride, complete with a whole train car full of cookies. Why don't I get cookies when I'm getting ready for bed? But, I digress. I love this book. Aside from the cookies (which I pretend to eat as I turn each page), there are lots of other fun things in all the train cars, plus an alligator that gives kids and other animals a bath with a toothbrush. There's even a mermaid, so Gillian likes it. You also get a lot of chances to make all kinds of different train sounds: "clickety-clack," "chug chug," "toot toot," etc. It's fun, so fun that even when Mom or Dad is reading another book, I shove it in their faces while yelling "woo woo." But, then they took it back to the library. That made me sad. Don't worry, though, I've become obsessed with many more books and you'll be hearing all about them. They're not even all about trains.

I'm a burrito!

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  1. When you said Goodnight Train I thought it was a book Cole & I read, but the illustrations on yours are different. There's another night train type book we've read. More serious, more like Polar Express paintings. I think it had weather in it, too, maybe?