Monday, February 11, 2013

Amira is Officially a Person and I am Officially a Boy

It was a busy weekend in our house, with two big milestones. First we had Amira's baby-naming ceremony, in which she officially received her Hebrew name and became a real person. I guess that means we're stuck with her but (and don't tell my parents this) I secretly do like her, so I guess that's ok. After the ceremony everyone kept telling me what a good job I did--apparently everyone expected me to scream throughout the ceremony. Liana screamed through Gillian's baby-naming, Gillian screamed through my bris (as did I), so I was supposed to continue the pattern. I like to keep everyone guessing though, and anyway, I was too busy strutting around and showing off my dapper new look.

What look is that? My new 'do. Yes, my majestic mane is no more. I turned three, so it was time for my first haircut. I think you'll agree, it looks good on me.

Not so sure about this, but at least I have Big Emily (my train, for those of you not familiar with "Thomas and Friends") for moral support.
I am awesome!
I also got to have Birthday Party 2.0 this weekend. The Chicago part of the family was in town for Amira's big day, so even though everyone was actually more interested in paying attention to Amira they gave me a pretty good party. As I said before, if it involves cake, I'm in. Liana actually took on the job of party planner for this event, so we even got a pinata. It was quite terrifying (think: Gillian swinging around a big stick), but I'll do anything for candy.

Yes, that's a Swiffer holding up that pinata.

The only thing that would have made this weekend better is if Gila had been able to make it. Now I have never met Gila, but I have heard stories of her awesomeness from my parents. She was set to be here this weekend (she and my parents have not seen each other in almost 5 years!), but Nemo decided to change her plans. We've always been big fans of a fish named Nemo in this house, so we were very sad that the weather system Nemo let us down.

One last thing: I wanted to give a shout-out to my special lady Addie for her 21st birthday this weekend. Addie was my first babysitter (and coincidentally, my mom babysat for her when she was a baby) so she will always have a special place in my heart. I remember those long walks around the Garbage Trail at camp, hanging out on the kikar and lazy days at the playground. She's on her big world tour right now (currently in Germany), so she's too busy to babysit me now, but I always have hope that she'll come back to me!

Amira is ready to party.

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