Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Big 0-3

Yesterday was the big day, the anniversary of my second birthday. No more blaming my behavior on the "Terrible Twos." It's time to face the fact that I am three.

Where have I been lately, you ask? Well, things have been changing around here. The baby (which, if you'll remember, I thought was just what we were calling my mom's protruding belly button) decided to come out of my mom and start living in our house. That has put limits on my computer time. Not only are Mom and Dad too busy to help me get on the computer, but any time I do get on, the internet is so slow because my parents are using all the bandwidth to email and upload "cute" pictures of said baby.

Ok, she's not that bad. She is actually a cute baby. See:

For those of you who are not Facebook friends with my parents and who missed the announcement, her name is Amira Eve and she was born on January 15 (which means Gillian was the winner of "Baby Watch 2013" and she got her wish, which may now be a curse, to have the baby born on her half-birthday). She is stealing most of my parents' attention, but I still like her, so I guess we can keep her for now.

But, back to me, since I am the real star here. My birthday was awesome. It started with my big sisters (see, now I have to specify "big" sisters or "little" sister) jumping on me in bed. This happens every morning, so it really wasn't anything different. Then I got Yellow Rheneas--Rheneas is actually a red train from "Thomas and Friends" but in the movie "Blue Mountain Mystery," which is my favorite Thomas movie, he gets a new coat of paint, and yellow is my favorite color. Victory all around.

Then I got a party at school, complete with cupcakes and an awesome hat.

After school I got to spend the afternoon at Nana and Gaga's house so Mom could do our laundry. (Because this was the perfect time for our washer to break. Not like we use it that often--now with six people in the family, two of whom wear cloth diapers that need to be washed every few days.) Nana and Gaga's house is awesome because of Gaga's model train set. I am an awesome conductor!

In the afternoon the girls (the big ones, not the little one) gave me an awesome Take-n-Play Thomas set. It even came with Duck and Cranky the Crane. I love that Cranky. The day ended with ice cream and more cupcakes, so it was a pretty cool day. Apparently there will be more celebrating this weekend when the Chicago part of the family will be in town. If it involves cupcakes, I'm in!

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