Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Heart Meat

Now, I'm a big fan of putting things in my mouth. It doesn't matter what it is--if it's near my mouth, you can be pretty sure that it's going to end up in there. I have a fun game that I play with my mom where I find random things on the floor and see if I can get it in my mouth before she stops me. She's pretty quick, but I'm getting faster every day. It doesn't even matter how many times a day she sweeps and cleans up the girls' toys. I will find something, and I will put it in my mouth.

In the last few weeks I have discovered the best thing that can be put in your mouth. (No, not My Little Ponies, though they are quite tasty.) MEAT! I've had both chicken and turkey, and boy, are they delicious. I still mostly play with my food, but if there's meat on my tray, it is going in my mouth and heading down to my belly. It's superb. Veggie burgers are pretty good too, but meat is the way to go. Last weekend my family was eating something called brisket, and it looked even better than chicken or turkey, but they wouldn't let me try it. Something about not enough teeth. I have two--that should be plenty! I can't wait until I get a few more teeth so I can sink them into some brisket.

In other news, I've started waving. (I can high five too, but that's kind of old news.) It's pretty funny to do such simple things and see the ridiculous reactions I get from the fam.

The computer with the most recent pictures is in the other room right now, so here's some vintage Asher:

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