Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Best Thing Ever

My life was changed today. Out of nowhere I saw a magic ghetto blaster wielded by a skinny dude wearing nerd glasses with a fuzzy orange hat and orange jump suit. Suddenly, this magical box opened to reveal 5 colorful creatures. Then, with a wave of the orange guy's hands, the creatures came to life. First there was Muno (he's tall and friendly), then Foofa (she's pink and happy), then Brobee (the little green one), then Toodee (she likes to have fun), and finally there was Plex (a magic robot). And the name of the orange guy was DJ Lance Rock. Thus began my journey into the world of Yo Gabba Gabba.

It was exhilarating. The colors, the music, Andy Samberg doing a dancey dance. I couldn't look away. It was like they went into my brain, pulled everything out, splashed a bunch of paint on it, and put it on TV. (I know I'm a baby and shouldn't watch TV, but when you have big sisters it's bound to happen. This was the first time I've actually looked at the TV for more than a few seconds.) All I wanted to do was get up and dance the Alligator Chomp with Andy, but alas my legs and arms do not move in the way I want them to yet. One day...

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