Thursday, October 14, 2010

Family Traditions

There's a tradition in our family. Like all the best traditions, no one is really sure why it started and why it continued, but here we are, 30 years since the first time it happened, wearing spaghetti squash on our heads.

It started back when my mom was a baby. Her parents ate a spaghetti squash and decided to put it on her head. There is a picture of the incident. She has food all over herself, and a spaghetti squash hat.

For a while, all that remained of the incident was the picture. Then, even before my parents had kids, they decided to bring it back. And pretty much every year since then, they get a spaghetti squash and make us wear it.

It may not be a noble tradition, but it's ours. It's disgusting, and we all need baths when we're done, but for a few seconds, it's kind of funny.

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