Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh, Gillian

In Gillian's class, they are talking about sharing and families, so they are sharing their families with the class by making a scrapbook. Everybody's scrapbook page was supposed to be in last Friday, but Mommy and Daddy dropped the proverbial ball and forgot about it until 11:30 Sunday night. So, they scrambled and put together a page for Gillian to bring to school on Monday. Then, Monday morning as we were all getting ready for school, we had a few extra minutes (which is a rarity--normally it's go, go, go from wake-up until 9:45 when everyone is strapped in the car), so Mommy had the great idea for Gillian to draw some pictures to go along with the photos on her scrapbook page. She made some cute drawings and was actually doing a nice job, and then Mommy looked away. Mommy should know better by now. Never look away from Gillian.  This is what happened:

Notice how everyone has a beard or mustache, even little newborn me (which you can't see because Mommy did a bad job taking the picture). Needless to say, the scrapbook page did not go to school today, and Mommy is going to have to redo it tonight.

This isn't the first time Gillian has tried to edit our family either. I have already told you about how she's trying to lose me so she can get a girl baby. Well, we also learned at her parent-teacher conference last week that whenever she draws a picture of her family she leaves out Liana. And when her teachers ask her where Liana is, she just gives them that cute, seemingly innocent smile.

Now here's your picture of me, on the last night of Chanukah. I was sleepy.
 Also, I haven't started walking yet, so you still have time to cast your vote. Sorry, Lee!

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  1. Asher, what's up with that, ooowie, what is up with that?????????