Monday, December 27, 2010


Marry Christmas to my gentile friends.  I hope you got everything you wanted and had extra to send me.  I wanted to tell you all about a conversation I overheard Liana having with my mom. 
We are all good at something!

Liana: We have the best family in the world and Mom, you are the best one in it.
Mom:  We are all the best at something.  Liana is the best big sister.
Liana:  No, I am the best artist.  Gillian is the best at... (shrug of shoulders)
Mom:  Well, Gillian is the best at being the middle sister.
Liana:  Asher is the best at being the baby.  Mommy is the best at snuggling.  And Daddy is the best at (the rest was whispered) can I say pooping?
Mom:  If that is what you think he is the best at.
Liana: No, no, no.  Daddy is the best at reading on the toilet. 

So I am good at being a baby and my dad is good at reading magazines down the hall.  I feel like us gentlemen got the short end of this best list.  But that is how Liana sees it. 

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