Monday, December 6, 2010

Would you like to play a game?

Greetings and salutations all of my loyal and devoted fans.  It is a chilly Monday today and I had an idea to warm every ones hearts.  It is only a matter of time before I shed my crawling shackles and emerge as a walking free man.  I would like to get you all involved in this if I can.  Now, I have fans from all over the world:  Canada, United States, Israel, China, Russia, Denmark, and other hits from here and there.  I can not have you all come over to my house and have you take turns helping me learn to walk.  Even though that would be fun, it would not be practical, there is not enough space in my room and I am not making that many Hors d'oeuvre. 

This is what I propose.  I am creating the first and only
An Asher a Day Presents:
The Day that Asher Walks Bohnanza! 
This will be a virtual event with prizes being awarded for the most accurate guess.  What are you guessing?  The day that I start walking is the target.  I can stand great now and I can even leaning into things but what shows that I am getting close to walking is this thing called cruising.  This is where I walk around things mostly being supported by them.  This I am good at.  But walking unassisted, this is not where I am yet a Viking. 

So this is your task all my fans:  Leave the date in the comments for the day that you think that I am going to be walking.  Who ever gets it closest will win a fabulous prize.  Remember, even though I am just a baby with a most bodacious stock portfolio, I have very little disposable and liquid assets.  I will be creative with your reward, do not worry.  So, leave a comment with the date you think I will be walking.  A name will help so that I know who wins and deserves the prize.  While you are doing that, become a follower so I know who is keeping an eye on me.  You do not have to be a follower to participate, but it would be a nice gesture.  This should be fun.  And with that, get those entries in!

When am I going to walk?  Only time and "you" can tell!


  1. First off Asher, I think you're making a big mistake by not making "being a follower" a requirement. You're young and a little inexperienced at these things (just a little) so that's my advice.

    Secondly, what will you consider walking? how many steps? Ok, I'll give you my guess. I was an early cruiser myself so my mom thought I would walk early. However,... I was happy with cruising for quite awhile so I'm gonna go with February 9, my half birthday.