Monday, February 14, 2011

I {heart} Valentine's Day!

So today is Valentine’s Day. This is my second Valentine’s day but the first one was seven days after I was born, so I guess it is fine that I do not remember all that transpired on it. So here I am, a suave and debonair man of the world getting ready to celebrate that day of love. Who should be my Valentine? A lot of famous people come to mind, but I have to remember that I am, in fact, just a baby and will have time in the future to have famous ladies as my Valentine.
So I decided to hit closer to home with Cupid's Arrow and after thinking of my options have narrowed it down to three people. First is Liana. My brainiac big sister has a way with words and crayons. If she was my valentine, I know that I would get an amazing home made one of a kind Valentine made by her heart. Option two is Gillian. I know this is a strange choice based on the way she treats me, but I think all the pushing, sitting, hitting, shoving, swatting, squishing, grabbing, and toddling means that she loves me. That can be the only reason, she must love me so much it hurts me. My final potential Valentine is my Mom. She calls me her little man and that just drives me wild. I have even let her sleep all the way through the night a couple of times to show her that I care about her.

So those are my three potential Valentines. It is going to be difficult to pick just one, so I guess I have to pick them all!

So to my special ladies in my house and to all my other special ladies near and far (you all know who you are, and I miss you all more e ach day. (Know that you, distant Valentine are the most special. I did not want to offend the others who think that they are my Special Valentine. Know that you are the most special)), Happy Valentine's Day from your sweet heart, Asher. I hope your Valentine Days are filled with love and romance.

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  1. I'm a little late returning the Happy Valentine's day... it seems that here the only way to remember that it's V-day is to be on facebook and I nearly forgot! So here's a belated BIG hug and kiss for you and your sisters! xoxo