Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things We Learn on Snow Days

My dad and the girls have been home from school for the last two days. My dad is home again tomorrow, but we think the girls will be going back (Dad's school is out in a rural area that hasn't fared as well in Snowpocalypse as the metro area has). That's a lot of family time. Here are some of the highlights:

S-E-R-T spells "videos." This is what Gillian taught us when she was trying to get Dad to let her watch some videos on the computer. He kept telling her to wait and she could watch some videos later, so this is what she started chanting. Who knew spelling could be so funny? Apparently not knowing is half the battle.

There is a tabletop on our dining room table. It has been covered in piles of mail and other random things for quite some time.

Liana is very good at jigsaw puzzles (this was possible because of the table being clean).

Tofu tastes really good in pot pie form.

Bread tastes really good in French toast form.

I'm pretty sure that chicken tastes good in buffalo form (but Mom and Dad wouldn't let me try it--something about it being too spicy).

When the girls are keeping Mom and Dad busy doing crafts, I can sneak away into the play room and throw as many tracks off the train table as I want without getting pummeled by a sister.

Snow is cold.

Getting new teeth sucks (we knew this already, but I'm currently being reminded of it).

Even Mommy can lose her cool.

Fashion does not matter when you are going out into the snow (yes, I'm wearing a Strawberry Shortcake hat).

So, that's some of what's been going on the last few days. Hopefully everyone is staying warm and safe. Spring can't be too far away. And, even if it is too far away, we have the best day coming up on, not the Super first birthday!

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