Monday, February 7, 2011

Mispronunciation Madness

I have some funny stories about my sisters. They both have trouble pronouncing S-blends--words like stop, stick, Scott, and squirrel come out as sop, sick, Sott, and swirrel. You get the idea. (And don't worry, their teachers are aware and are working on it with them.) I know we shouldn't make fun of them about it, and I'm not really making fun of them, but sometimes hilarity ensues from their mispronunciations.

Tonight...Dad was trying to get them to go to their room to get ready for bed. Liana freaked out about something, because she usually has to find something to freak out about right before bedtime. The target of her freak out became Gillian. Liana started yelling, "I'm going to sit on you! I'm going to sit on you!" Gillian was terrified--Liana is huge. Turns out she was yelling, "I'm going to spit on you!" Not at terrifying as being sat on, but definitely more disgusting.

And now on to the story of awesomeness... The girls have Zhu Zhu pets named Nugget and Spottie (if you don't know what Zhu Zhu pets are...first, you are lucky; second, you have been living under a rock; third, they are little sentient motorized hamsters that roll around and make noise; fourth, I love them). Gillian's Zhu Zhu pet (or Zhuzi pet, as she calls it) is Spottie and has been missing for some time. We were in the car and the girls were conversing about something.

Gillian: I really wish I could find my Sottie.
Liana: G, what are you talking about?
Gillian: You know, my Zhuzi pet, Sottie.
Liana: Oh, you mean Sottie!

So they can understand each other!

Apparently, I posted too late last night because not a lot of you have read my birthday post. So, now you're here--go read it!

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