Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Car Wash Catastrophe

First, let me tell you, I do not like car washes. My sisters love them--going through the car wash is as exciting to them as going to the zoo or getting a huge bowl of ice cream. I think the whole concept is terrifying. You let go of the steering wheel and an unseen force pulls you into a dark box of terror. Water cannons shoot at you, there is some huge rotating brush thing, and then hurricane force winds blowing all around you. And there you sit, trapped, as the car gets pounded all around you. How can anyone find this an enjoyable experience?

Well, since the snow and ice is finally on its way out, the parents decided it would be a good idea to go get a car wash this weekend. The car was fairly grimy, but I never have to touch it, so I would rather it stay grimy than have to face the horror.

When Mom and Dad said we were going to the car wash, the girls acted like we were going to Disney World. I was tired, so I was hoping that I would be able to fall asleep before we got there--no such luck. We pulled up to the opening--no one behind us, no one in front of us...no pressure--Dad had all the time he needed to make a clean approach. I don't know if he couldn't see the mirror or what, but it felt like he didn't make it on to the track. The car rocked a little bit as we drove closer to the box where you pay and then there was a big lurch as if the wheels had fallen into the track.

So, Dad paid, put the car in neutral and took his hands off the wheel and foot off the brake--just like the instructions say. The car was in God's hands now and began to move forward. The soap started flying. I hadn't started crying yet, like I normally do as soon as we enter vortex of destruction. Then the brushes started, pounding the car, and then the car stopped moving. It had fallen out of the track. We were trapped.

Mom and Dad started freaking out a little bit. I was still quiet, hoping to fall asleep so I could block out the experience. The brushes stopped moving and the air stopped blowing--the car wash did not know that we were stuck and had left us behind. Dad put the car back in drive and at first it seemed like he was trying to get back on the track, but even with his foot on the gas we were not moving. What were we going to do? I was due for milk when we got home, and I didn't want to miss my milk time! Finally Dad pushed harder on the gas, the car started lurching forward, and little by little we made it back out to daylight. Sweet freedom!

The car was still very soapy and the girls were very upset that they didn't get the full car wash experience. I was happy to be alive.

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