Monday, September 26, 2011

More Fun from the World of Home Maintenance

There's all kinds of fun going on at our house. You might remember last week I briefly mentioned that we had two trees taken down and that it was awesome. There were so many different vehicles parked by my house--so many wheels! Plus, the wood chipper. You don't get much more awesome than that.

Well, when they were taking the trees down, one was so rotted on the inside that it didn't fall where the tree guys planned for it to fall and it fell on our front walkway instead, thereby smooshing the sidewalk. Today they came back to replace the sidewalk. We didn't know what time they were coming, but it worked out very well that we were outside chalking when they showed up, which meant they invited us to watch them. First they had to cut out the old sidewalk past where the smooshed part was, which involved a guy sawing into the sidewalk. Wow. Talk about cool machines. Mom made us stay on the porch during that part, but I did my best to be louder than the saw and narrate the action.

Then they poured the new cement and you all know how tempting new cement can be. Gillian stuck several different body parts into the cement as the guys were trying to smooth it out and then tried to wipe it all over Mom and herself. I just tried throwing grass on it.

So, that was our excitement for today. I hear someone is coming to work on the toilet next week (it makes a loud, annoying noise every 5-10 minutes and lasts 3-7 seconds each time--Mom says it's like timing contractions), so I'll have a new adventure to share with you. Speaking of the toilet, I did poop in the potty again last night. My family treated it like I had achieved world peace.

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