Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Saturday was my dad's birthday, so we were too busy gallivanting for me to come and blog. I have to say it was a pretty awesome day. Now, I don't know exactly how old Dad is. Throughout the day, several different people asked him how old he was and he gave a different answer every time--I heard 23, 12, and 27. Mom also said something about the second anniversary of his 29th birthday, whatever that means. Though, my sisters did figure out in which year he was born. Here was the conversation:

Gillian: Asher loves playing with his cell phone. Mom, did you play with cell phones when you were a baby?
Mom: No, cell phones weren't invented when I was a baby.
Liana: Wow, you're old.
Gillian: Daddy, did you play with cell phones when you were a baby?
Dad: I'm not that much younger than Mom. There weren't cell phones when I was a baby either.
Liana: Wow, you're so old. You must have been born in like 1893.

Anyway, back to Dad's birthday. The real celebration began Friday night when we got to go to Shabbat services with Jewish rocker extraordinaire Rick Recht. Awesome! Happy birthday to me...oops, I mean, Dad. The next morning I was so excited that I woke up at 6:30 am. Dad was already in the shower because he had to go to a training at work, so I snuggled with Mom and then she gave me Dad's birthday bag of beef jerky and I got to be the one to surprise him with it. He loves me most now because I gave him beef jerky.

Then we went to synagogue, which means I got grape juice.  Mmmmmm... I love it so much I don't even spill it all over myself like my sisters do. After that we went to the zoo. You really would think it was my birthday. There's nothing I love more than yelling at animals. Dad seemed to enjoy it because he got to play with the camera and do his "photo safari," as he called it.

The night ended with bottomless steak fries at Red Robin followed by ice cream and homemade cookie cake (that was actually more sprinkles and frosting than cake because someone had the great idea of letting Liana and Gillian be in charge of it). All in all, an awesome day. Dad gets around pretty good for a 118-year-old.

Now, a photo of me and the girls in the closet, because all the birthday photos are still on the camera.

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