Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This Turd Brought To You By the Letter Q

I didn't realize there was a correlation between what you eat and what goes into your diaper. I'm just a baby, remember. Well, I learned today that sometimes what you eat comes out in your diaper. In my case, it was a neon green foam sticker of the letter Q.

In other news, I'm rethinking this Gillian thing. Maybe she's not trying to smother me. I think she might be trying to mother me. (Ha, look what I did there.) This morning I was snuggling in bed with Mom, getting my morning milk, and Gillian came in to snuggle with us. Normally this is the part of the day where she starts poking me. This morning, as she was rearranging the pillows and stealing all the blankets, she said, "I wish I had milk in my boobs. Then I could feed Asher too." Amazing! She really does care for me. She just has a strange way of showing it.

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