Monday, November 29, 2010

My First Thanksgiving

Let me tell you, for a baby who loves to eat, Thanksgiving is awesome! I think we were eating most of the day. We started off with pancakes for breakfast. I know what you're thinking...why make pancakes for breakfast when you know you're going to be eating so much later? Because Liana and Gillian were obsessing about pancakes. And they wouldn't be eating much of the Thanksgiving meal later anyway. The pancakes were pretty awesome. I got a pancake in the shape of an A, and then got to eat the leftovers of some of Liana's L-shaped pancakes.

There was no lunch. I didn't like this. But, I did get to destroy a few pieces of bread that had just been baked.

Then we went to Aunt Louie and Uncle Sock's house. They have a cool house. First, they have Casey (or, is it Kasey?), who is a dog and is about three times my size, but I love when she licks my face. Apparently I am one of the only people who get a kick out of this. Most people tell her to stop when she licks their faces--I don't know why though, because it's so refreshing.

They also have chickens. Uncle Sock made a house for them and they live in the backyard. Their names are Camilla and MJ. MJ lays eggs, but Camilla does not even though she is supposed to. Once Uncle Sock gets his certification to be able to kill chickens in a kosher way, Camilla will be our dinner. MJ had recently laid an egg when we went out to visit them, so we got to get it out of the coop.

Another cool thing about their house is the fireplace. We have a fireplace at our house, but it is boring. Their fireplace had a fire in it! I really wanted to check it out up close, but I kept getting picked up.

Uncle Sock also makes his own pickles, and as you all know, I am Pickle Man. So, I got to eat a bunch of delicious pickles while we were waiting for dinner to begin. I also got to crumble up a lot more bread. Casey liked this part a lot.

Finally it was time to eat. Pomegranate-glazed turkey with wild rice stuffing. Wasabi mashed potatoes (I didn't get to have these). Sweet potatoes. Green bean casserole. Two kinds of cranberry sauce. Yummmm. I bet you all thought the turkey would be my favorite, but you're wrong. The wild rice was the best! Actually, the best part of the meal was that they put my food on a plate (since I didn't have a highchair with a tray). Plates are fun for throwing. The food goes everywhere! Casey also really liked this part.

Dessert was three kinds of pies--honey pumpkin, cranberry pear, and caramel apple. I got a small taste of whipped cream (but it was pareve, so it couldn't have really been cream!), but then I fell asleep.

At some point while I was sleeping, Gaga tried to saber a champagne bottle. It was not successful. But, there is a video, and it's pretty funny to watch him with Uncle Sock's huge Indiana Jones machete (Uncle Sock is an archaeologist) trying to get that champagne bottle open.

So, that's my first Thanksgiving. It was a good one. I'm thankful for all you wonderful fans!

It looks like food, but it tastes like plastic!

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