Thursday, November 4, 2010

Whirlwind Windy City Weekend of Wild Wonder

I must say that with my 9 month old vocabulary, that is some extraordinary alliteration.  I guess that is what happens when you are eating from an MFA multiple times a day.  So this weekend, my loyal fans, was a wedding far north of Chicago.  Not camp north, but far up in Illinois.  My dad's roommate in college who happened to be one of his groom's men got married in a beautiful ceremony followed by a very nice reception.  I have only heard about how nice the wedding was second hand as I had to look after my grandparents and sisters back at the homestead.  In my next post I will write about what I did over the weekend and I will post some pictures from the wedding that my parents took with their cool new 8 point cross star filter.  I would post the pictures tonight, but I am in my crib with Uncle Jack's old computer and even though I asked very nicely through a series of loud yells and cries to be released to grab my other computer loaded with photos, my parents have turned a deaf ear to my needs.  Ah, when I can fly, life will be so much easier.  Why walk when you can move in style?  Think about it. 

Now that  is deep.

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