Friday, November 19, 2010

Meatloaf, Here I Come!

This post is dedicated to Jacqui F., who stayed up late last night waiting for my post and I let her down. Due to the amount of fanmail generated by last week's play-by-play, here is what happened today...

7:00 am: Wake my crib.  Why am I in my crib? Normally by this time I have made my way into Mom and Dad's bed. Something about them wanting to get more sleep? I don't think so.

7:02 am: After the initial confusion, start my morning conversation with The Frog. He's not very talkative this morning, but he's a good listener for being my arch enemy.

7:05 am: Get bored with The Frog, stand up, start yelling. Dad comes and gets me.

7:07 am: Snuggle up with Mom for my morning milk. Gillian is next to me. I'm not sure about this.

7:20 am: Having survived my morning milk with Gillian next to me (she was too distracted by "The Berenstain Bears"), Mom and I are off to the shower. I get to play on the bathroom floor when Mom is in the shower because they have figured out this is the safest place for me. If they put me in my crib, I get lonely with the door closed and then I usually get things thrown at me because Gillian can open the door. In the bathroom, Mom can intervene even if Gillian gets the door open.

7:25 am: Discover the toilet. It opens! There is water in there! Reach my hands in...and Mom magically appears and stops me.

7:35 am: Diaper wrestling. Clothes on. Gray pants, blue and gray striped onesie, blue vest. I am cute.

7:40 am: Crawl around Mom and Dad's room while Mom fights with the girls to get them dressed. It has been about a week since Mom vacuumed, so I find lots of good stuff to put in my mouth.

8:00 am: Breakfast. Banana and Cheerios. Banana in my hair!

8:45 am: Off to school.

8:46 am: Pull off my socks.

.9:03 am: Flirt with the teacher while she unbuckles Liana and Gillian. And...they're gone! And I fall asleep.

9:20 am: Mom wakes me up in the parking lot at Sam's while trying to get me into the mei tai. We're only here to get the treats for Liana's school birthday party, but there's a special display of tiny suits at the entrance. Mom has stopped and looked at these several times before (they are super cute). Today she looks at them a little longer...and picks one out for me! Now I'm all set for Uncle Jack and Aunt Lisa's wedding. I'm going to be the most handsome dude there.

9:45 am: Fall asleep in the car again.

10:40 am: Get woken up by Mom again. I'm in my crib so I guess she moved me there at some point. Try to sleep more while getting my diaper changed.

11:00 am: Arrive at school again. Aren't we a little early? The girls' classes are just coming off the playground, so we follow them inside. Gillian leaves her class and comes with us to the Lizard class. Oh yes, we are Shabbat Mom and Shabbat Baby today. Plus we have brought treats for Liana's birthday.

11:15 am: Sing all the Shabbat blessings in Liana's class.  Challah, yum. I drop crumbs all over the floor, so the teachers let the pig out and she cleans up the floor. Yes, Liana's class has a pig. Her name is Millie. She's kosher, don't worry.

11:30 am: Shabbat with the whole school in the chapel. I get passed around by the teachers, which I deal with, but I actually just really want some milk. I missed my mid-morning milk because of Sam's and falling asleep in the car. I am hungry!

12:00 pm: Take Gillian with us, leave Liana at school, go to Nana and Gaga's house for lunch. Banana puffs, vegetables from soup, egg salad. Mess.

12:55 pm: Back in the car pool line. Trying to fall back asleep. My naps are all messed up today.

1:03 pm: Liana is back.

1:25 pm: Mom attempts to make me take a nap, but since I slept for a couple minutes in the car, I'm not having it. Crawl around upstairs while the girls decorate goodie bags for Liana's party. They're using foam stickers. I wait for them to fall so I can eat them. They're delicious, you know.

1:45 pm: While the girls are occupied with the stickers, Mom gets the playlist ready for Liana's birthday CD. Rock out with Mom to Mr. Roboto, The Final Countdown, Muppets Bohemian Rhapsody, and other awesome songs that Liana is obsessed with.

2:15 pm: Mom tries to make me take another nap. Fail!

2:20 pm: More rocking out. Now "His Name is Lancelot" from "Spamalot" is on repeat. This is Liana's absolute favorite, but Mom won't put it on the CD. She is afraid other parents will get upset because it's about Lancelot being gay. Liana thinks it's about how Lancelot likes to dance a lot.

3:00 pm: Another attempt at getting me to fall asleep. Success.

4:00 pm: Wake up. Get ready to go to synagogue for A Cappella Kabbalat Shabbat and meatloaf dinner. I can't wait for the meatloaf! After all, it is meat in the shape of a loaf. Who wouldn't love that? Plus Gila calls me Meat Loaf and she is one of the most awesome people around (not as awesome as me though--remember, A is for Awesome and A is for Asher, so naturally Asher is Awesome!).

I'll report back later on the meatloaf. Shabbat Shalom!

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  1. And I thought I had a busy day! Hope the meatloaf met expectations.