Saturday, November 13, 2010

Care Bears Countdown

My sisters are obsessed with Care Bears and My Little Ponies. They also have all my mom's old Barbies, so most days it's like it's 1985 around here. They get a movie from the library every week, so they've been through most of the Care Bear and Pony videos, both the originals and the newer versions. Today we watched the Care Bears Giving Festival Movie, a brand new movie that just came out this month. I have to say I'm disappointed. Now, I know I didn't grow up with the originals, so I shouldn't care that much, but...the Care Bears can fly now. Instead of "Care Bears, prepare to stare" or "Care Bears count down," it's now "Care Power Up." And then their belly badges glow and they fly. They don't even go down to Earth anymore to help sad kids. They just stay in Care-a-Lot and deal with their own issues. Ridiculous. Also, the Care Bears used to look like cute, cuddly bears. Now they're skinny and have huge heads. The same with the ponies--their bodies got smaller and their heads got bigger. What up with that? (A shout out to Kenan Thompson and the awesomeness that is "What Up With That?" on SNL.)
Old Care Bears

New "Care" Bears

I wanna be a Care Bear

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  1. Those Care Bears are sick and wrong. I'm appalled. Just appalled. I have no words