Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Photos

Now that my parents have the good camera, and three super cute children, they've been trying to take nice pictures of us. You'd think with three kids as good-looking as us and an awesome camera it would be easy to get a good picture. Not so much. The camera is not the problem. Usually the problem is Gillian. Here's a sampling from a recent photo shoot:

So let us examine the three pictures for deeper meaning.  Liana barely changes in this series.  She poses and waits for the photos.  This is her age and experience.  Now take a look at Gillian.  Look at her eyes, her planning, her cunning.  She saw an opportunity and took it.  Did she care that it was going to be documented for posterity?  No, she does not operate that way.  Now look at me.  Sitting there sporting my Hawaiian shirt (I am bringing them back single-handedly) and holding my leaf.  I know trouble is going to happen but my baby body is powerless to protect myself from the middle monster.  Now I love my sister, but Gillian gets joy out of hurting me.  That makes me sad.  Eventually, I will be bigger with full control of my body and I will write Gillian an angry e-mail using bold red Helvetica.  Yes, I will use Helvetica.  Now you know I am serious.  I only use Helvetica when I am serious. 

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  1. That's funny, all I see is Love Love Love in these photos :) you must be looking at different photos.