Monday, November 8, 2010

Whirlwind Windy City Weekend of Wild Wonder, Part 2

Now that I'm back on the good computer with all the photos (no, I did not learn to fly yet, just managed to grab the computer before Dad could get to his Frontier and Mafia), I can share a little more about our trip to Chicago.

We started the trip on Thursday afternoon. Dad left school early so we could get there before it was too much past bedtime. We were making good time, with only one short stop, and were on schedule to arrive by 8 pm. Then, a little bit south of Joliet, traffic suddenly stopped. Liana and Gillian started whining, "Oh no, it's a traffic jam!" which they always do when they see more than about 10 cars on the road. The GPS didn't say anything about traffic, so we figured it wouldn't last very long. GPS was wrong. It ended up taking up about an hour and a half to go 5 miles. We were all very crabby. I was so crabby that Mom crawled out of her seat over to mine and figured out how to give me my milk while I was still in my carseat. No bottles necessary!

Friday we spent the day with Grandma Lynn and Captain Grandpa Howie. We had lunch with Uncle Jack and Aunt Lisa and then played at a kids' art studio where I made my first friend my age. Of course, this was a friend I will never see again, but it was the first 9-month-old I've ever encountered. We had quite the conversation and enjoyed poking each other's faces. Had I not left my Blackberry at home, I might have been able to gather his contact information. Alas, my small (but cute) pockets.

For dinner Friday night we met my mom's friend Kyle and his family. He has a baby who is only 3 months old, so he can't do all the cool things I can do, such as play polo. Despite the fact that he can't sit up and is just figuring out how to use his hands, he still seems pretty cool. I think we'll be friends one day.

Saturday Mom and Dad went to a wedding and I got to play more with Uncle Jack and Aunt Lisa. We also went to a Halloween Festival with Grandma Lynn and Captain Grandpa Howie. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I was allowed to eat candy.

Here are pictures from our weekend:
That's the biggest hot dog I've ever seen. (Also, note my sleep sack made by Mom.)

Twin brides

My dad's 8-point cross star filter. They love that camera.

Just barely visible in the corner--my dad's nemesis Commander.

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